When FDR came out with this plan of SS, he hyped it as taking care of old people. Who doesn’t want grandma and grandpa to be able to live their lives without fear of starving in their old age?! But, he lied.

Here’s what really happened, and what is still happening.

The system was set up that you only got money if you had the audacity to live past your life expectancy. Isn’t that just lovely? This was not about retirement, not about the golden years, but the few who actually lived past when you were supposed to already be dead.

This, for me, is around age 71. That is the life expectancy of people born in 1974. So, the way it was set up to work is that I would only collect after that age, not the 67.5 years old I have to be, according to the SS reports I get sent.

Many that “signed up” for SS never saw a dime. They died having paid in, but never got their pay out. What a plan, huh??

Anyway, the years rolled by and the government, who has multiple sets of books (known in the real world as “fraud”), saw ALL THIS MONEY rolling in from the entire workforce of the USA. They, being greedy little weasels, promptly spent it all and still do. Imagine a brief case with a bunch of IOU’s in it and that’s the SS Trust Fund. Now, they pay out to old people what they take in from the workers. That, in real life, is called a Ponzi scheme – think Bernie Madoff…who is in jail for doing just what the government does daily.

Now, here comes the REAL kicker (yep, it gets all the more lovely): if you took the money the government steals, um, I mean, withholds from your pay check and put it in the safest, and lowest dividend paying, investments, you’d get multiple times the return than what the government “gives” you when you retire. Not only do they force you to pay in to pay others now, but then you get shorted, in the end.

The biggest and most crappy part of this is that there aren’t enough workers to keep paying out to people who are retiring in huge numbers. They haven’t figured out how to fund trillions of dollars worth of “entitlements” that they have promised the American people.

Oh, and get this: the law that says they HAVE to pay you back? They can change that at any time. In fact, the law is clear that there is no promise of payment to anyone, ever. Got that? There is NO guarantee that you get anything, ever.

Some safety net, huh?