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This is why I will always call out, “Happy Independence Day!” Instead of referring to it as the 4th of July. In the same way I wouldn’t wish you a “Merry 25th of December,” we must remember what these people did to secure our freedom. This is the anniversary if our nation, of the greatest nation to ever grace this planet, and likely the only nation to be born into peace after a bloody revolution.

This nation is exceptional, not only due to the men and women who made it happen, but especially due to the principles they laid out. If followed accurately, the founding documents laid at its inception would make this nation the most free, most just, and most emulated on the planet.

If the Declaration seems too ominous to understand outright, buy my book (click the pic on the right side of the screen at the top). You’ll understand exactly what these people were talking about when they signed the document that ruined most of them, yet cleared the way for the rest of us. Plus, there are cartoons…who could ask for more?!

Happy Independence Day to all!

Adams and Jefferson…quite the pair!

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