This blog is really a conglomeration of the thoughts that I have had over the last few years. Critical thinking, which so many in academia tout as important but attempt to squelch, is not taught in public school. It took me until I was about 33 years old to even get a slight grip on it. I was taught to follow a certain point of view in school – to include university, and it had nothing to do with reality.

I would say that I was a liberal and became a conservative, but that does not tell the story properly. A better way to put it is that, in essence, I used to be a big government kind of gal, thinking government could solve problems in society, but now I am for properly limited government.  I realized that I am a Classic Republican (like the original Republican Party (see their platform here:, though I do not support anyone who claims to be Republican and then ditches these platforms (read: RINO’s). This is the same platform of the Republican party’s  reincarnation that was started in 1867 in Houston, Texas.

The founders of the Houston Republican party consisted of 150 blacks and 20 whites, and their platform, like the original party, was equal rights for EVERY American, and for the country return to the principles of the Constitutional Republic, which they knew to be necessary to accomplish the first tenet of the platform. One of the first things this party (which held a great many seats in the state legislatures) accomplished was to ensure that the “Rebels” from the Civil War, signed a loyalty oath to the United States and to respect the civil rights of black Americans.  If they didn’t sign the oath, they didn’t vote.  Sounds logical to me.

While I have become a much more devoutly religious person, this is not what instigated the move to search for reality of governments and their appropriate role in our existence. I actually spent many years as a big government religious person, not realizing what I was actually advocating.

What really spurred me to spend more time thinking about these things was that I fell into a position where I began to live in the country. I spend much more time driving to and fro for any manner of reasons, and spend much more time contemplating. While all this was going on, I also began to spend more time reading economics, history, and current research in all manner of sciences. The change ensued naturally.

My opinions stem from a person who knows somewhat of how those who are advocating big government strategies think, and somewhat of how those who advocate the republic think. Now that I know history, I cannot support big government solutions to problems…because I know what comes of them.