I hear lots of people saying we need to have “common sense” laws to keep the bad guys from getting guns. But, the laws they call for only control law-abiding citizens.

Will criminals go for background checks? No, because they wouldn’t pass them.

Would a criminal take the time to wait for a “waiting period”? Nope. Illegal weapons are much faster.

How about just limiting the types of scary looking guns that people can buy? People have used all manner of weapons to hurt others, so this makes no difference.

So, if gun control laws will make it to where the bad guys can’t get guns, we should be able to look at other laws that accomplish the same things. I should be ashamed, here, because, obviously, outlawing murder has made it to where zero murders occur…wait, what? There are STILL murders? Oh. Okay, how about making stealing things illegal. Now, THAT has worked like a charm, right? No? Hmmm…

It seems as if all these other laws punish the bad guys once they’ve done wrong, while not keeping innocent citizens from going about their lives. On the other hand, gun control laws just punish everyone BEFORE they commit crimes. Huh. Weird.

Well, if anyone can tell me a law that works like the rest of them – namely, punishing the guilty once they’ve done bad things – and does not limit the actions of innocent people, I’m all ears.