Back when we were still part of England, there were classes of people. If you were born to a scullery maid, you’d never have even the opportunity to go to university, let alone a well-paying job. You were not to look people of a higher class in the eye, and you were literally stuck in the class where you started, no matter how smart you were or how hard you worked…none of it mattered. That’s what “classes” mean.

In America, people talk about the “middle class.” Well, that’s bunk. We have NO classes here. We are all born EQUAL, have equal protection under the law, have equal opportunities to make the best of what life has doled out for us, and no one can tell us we can’t look anyone in the eye…even the president.

See, the “middle class” is a myth. There are people who currently make what we currently deem to be “middle class wages,” (which changes all the time, by the way). But, that means nothing in terms of wealth…or worth. With regular people, they tend to look “poor” at first, then when they get more experience, get promotions and the like, they make more money. Then, they start to look poorer later, when retired, but that’s because retirement funds don’t count as INCOME. See? It’s a farce. A very large number of older Americans have even left the realms of “middle class” in the dust when it comes to wealth.

What you will never hear from countries that have Socialism or true class structures (see the Untouchables in India for an actual example of class structures is operation today) is someone being poor dirt poor and “making it” or even people just living the lives they carve out for themselves. That’s reserved for America where we don’t have classes and we don’t have people who are stuck forever in poverty due to the way the government is structured (massive taxes that prohibit the upward mobility that used to happen so very much in this country).

At least, that’s what America USED to be. Now, we are more and more into socialism, which means a ruling class…and everyone else, including you. The ruling class we have elected for ourselves do not hold themselves to the laws that they write for us, earning higher wages is punished with higher taxes punishing success, and the ensuing stagnation of the economy is what always happens when people in republics do this. Pretty soon, if we don’t shape up, we will have a real middle class…and like most socialist countries, the “middle class” will be actually poor. But, when everyone is starving, no one is hungry, right?

Personally, I follow Jefferson’s feelings on the matter:

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Amen, Jefferson, Amen.

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