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When I was a liberal*, I didn’t even really know what I was. There were several themes that I followed, almost zombie-like, that were not spoken, really. They were demonstrated by my friends (all liberals), and I mimicked them mindlessly. Let’s run them down.

How to be a liberal:

Rule 1. Be angry. All the time. At everything. Seriously, just presume things are bad and worth being angry about, then you can fit something into it, if need be. It doesn’t have to be explosive anger. You can seethe. That’s fine, too.

Rule 2. Be disingenuous. Make sure that your praise of ANYONE is based on their adherence to the protocols of being a liberal. If they step out of line, they are no longer worthy of praise and must be crushed. Racial slurs and sexual and/or rape innuendos (or outright calling for rape, when women are involved) are appropriate here. They broke the code. They are nothing to you, anymore. Unless they back-pedal. Then, they’re cool again.

Rule 3. Presume everyone is as disingenuous as you are, all the time, about everything, except other liberals. More on that later. Cynicism and true sarcasm are your friend. The more bitter you are, the more you can project that emotion onto everyone around you. Except for:

Rule 4. Other liberals. Believe in the depths of your soul that only liberals can be good in any way. Because all liberals have a “good heart” their actions do not belie a false faith in them. They don’t mean the racist, sexist, horrible things they say or do. They just got emotional, just lost control for a minute (think about that one), or were angered to insanity by someone who was not a liberal. Which leads us to…

Rule 5. Know that you are not responsible for anything you say or do. It’s always someone else’s fault. They made you angry. They made you. Got it? You are NOT in control of your emotions, actions, or anything. This way, when you say something awful to someone, it’s their fault for not being liberal. If another liberal lashes out at you, you are supposed to brush it off because, remember, they didn’t mean it.

Rule 6. Be pompously irate at facts and reality. Proclaim loudly and often that things should not be such-and-such a way, and that something should be done about it! Offer solutions that involve the government coming to “help.” Which leads us to:

Rule 7. Accept that history starts today. Never look at the past with an objective eye. If you do break this rule and look at the past, use all former rules as a filter for what you see.

Rule 8. Be a huge advocate for “choice,” but know that this ONLY applies to a woman somehow having the “right” to kill innocent humans growing in her body. Light bulbs, cars, insurance plans, etc. do not apply here. In all other instances, be an interventionist.

Rule 9. Deny that you are an interventionist, always, regardless of the truth. And, speaking of the truth…

Rule 10. Reality doesn’t matter. Everything must be emotion based…how you FEEL about things. I mean, if you FEEL that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is racist, it IS. See? Easy. The fact that it has nothing to do with race is irrelevant.

Rule 11. When losing an argument, change the subject ever so slightly. Just enough to attack your opponent so they feel they have to defend themselves and their character, and quit debating the topic at hand. Then, if they get mad at you for calling them racist, misogynistic, or whatever, you win because you are calmly sitting back watching them get mad. The fact that the person was right should not occur to you. Block that part of the conversation out and refer to rule number 3.

Rule 12. Use anecdotal evidence whenever possible. The fact that these anecdotes go directly against the vast majority of cases in any variable is irrelevant. And, make sure to use an emotional plea while using said evidence. For instance, besides the fact that 70% of crime is committed by people born in single-parent households, hold up the one person you know that was raised by a single parent, who is not a criminal, and say that there is nothing wrong with single parenthood. You must disregard all the other kids that had a built-in disadvantage at birth, and the hardships they face, because someone didn’t want to give their baby to a loving home with two parents when they had sex out of wed-lock. See, now a “good” liberal would change the subject to rape and incest, to show how heartless I am, when, in reality, it’s people choosing to have sex out of wed-lock that produce vast majority of babies that then suffer due to their choices, not rape or incest.

Now, especially the liberals in the readership are going to be offended by this. They are going to be saying to themselves, “What?! No way! I am nice!” Well, so was I. I was even called “nice” by conservatives. But, my heart was like the Grinch’s. I lauded government programs to “help the poor,” not thinking about how this was legalized theft that didn’t even help the faceless “poor” I’d go on about. I railed against “inequality” and “prejudice,” even though I had no idea that what I was saying was the opposite of what would actually help a society. I’ll do more blogs about why the policies I chose to support were hurtful, when they seemed they’d be helpful. That’s just it, though, isn’t it? I never took the time to learn what the real effects of the policies I supported were. And, that makes a “good” liberal.

Dear liberals who have read this far, instead of getting mad and huffing away: you, too, can be free from the bondage that is liberal thought. My challenge to you is to read Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams daily for one month. Then, get back with me. Please do let me know if you are taking the challenge.

I’m not sure, exactly, what made me turn away from my liberal ways. It wasn’t all at once. First, I had to pay taxes, so that was a huge wake-up call. There weren’t even many taxes. Mostly it was a lack of getting redistributed wealth from poor saps who did have to actually pay taxes. More people need to feel that sting so they have the vested interest of reducing that sting, hopefully across the board. Second, I grew up a bit and saw how some prospered and others didn’t and the lifestyle choices that tended to coincide with that. I actually took the time to read Thomas Sowell’s book Basic Economics. Blew my mind. I became avidly pro-life when I read The Declaration of Independence, brushed up on some unbiased science, and saw The Silent Scream. Liberals, watch it. Don’t pooh-pooh what you THINK it is. Watch it. And, read The Declaration of Independence. Just do it.

Better yet, read my book on The Declaration, which has it translated into modern English! Click the link to the right of the blog page, and get your copy TODAY.

When you are done with that read all four of Frederick Douglass’s autobiographies. Seriously. It’s literary butter (and if you knew how much I love butter, you’d know what kind of compliment that is) and will help you to see the Constitution for what it is, why it’s important, and why it matters that you understand.

*”Liberal” is pretty much interchangeable with any kind of statist, and heaven knows that statists have been changing their names from socialist/communist to liberal to progressive back to liberal again, etc. That’s part of rule 11. Shoot, they’ve even gotten some conservatives to be statists…and not even notice! Bravo, liberals…but many of us are on to you. Why not join reality with the rest of us? It’s so much more freeing and the people are just grand. They actually mean it when they compliment you.

What it all boils down to is: I stopped being a sucker for lies that sound good.

Growing up, I was raised by mostly conservative parents but trained by the public schools, as are most people. Schools get kids for hours upon hours a day. Parents? Maybe 30 minutes. How can they compete? They really can’t.

I was fed a lot of crap about “fairness,” when it turns out that the concept of fairness, in practice, means control by the government. Life is NOT FAIR. If you don’t know that, you haven’t been living on earth. Now, equality under the law…now, that IS achievable…but I digress.

I can’t tell you that there was any one incident where I can say, “See, right there…that was when the indoctrination started!” but I CAN tell you I was told to not bring anything to school unless I had enough for everyone-even candy in my lunch. I was told to tell my parents how to vote on ballot propositions that would influence their taxes because they may not “understand,” told all about how to keep from getting pregnant in 9th grade (with a teeny blurb at the end of the section about abstinence), and shown how ridiculous the Constitution is because of prohibition. It was just like being immersed in anti-capitalism, anti-freedom, anti-questioning of power all the time.

Think I’m crazy? Try to display individuality in school. Go ahead. Let me know how that works out for you. Hint: there is detention in your future. We hear about “socialization, ” but that means being taught how to stand in line, be still, not question the teacher, do your homework, and stop talking out of turn. Useful idiots, like I was, churned out in record time!

I graduated with nearly straight A’s. I was an honor student. I was celebrated as having quite the intellect, and graced with several scholarships. And, I didn’t know squat, except how to regurgitate whatever the teachers told me. Regurgitation? That, I was excellent at doing, and I actually thought that it was intelligence.

I persisted in this ignorance for many years of my life. It’s how most of us do. Ask anyone on the street about the commerce clause and its effect on the federal government as opposed to the state government and they’ll likely say, “What do you mean by ‘state government’?” Ask them the real result of the minimum wage laws, and they’ll most likely say they are a good idea. Really? It’s a good idea to put people out of work in record numbers? (Get ready for the “deer in the headlight” look, or misdirected anger).

I just KNEW that the founding fathers thought abortion should be made legal. I had been told there was no mention of it in the Constitution, so that was PROOF, right? I was such an idiot, and was proud to show my ignorance, that I thought was my brilliance.

I was determined that all men were misogynists, that men and women can be THE SAME (not equal…the same), and that the traditional family was irrelevant. I was a moron who had never even thought to see if I was spewing nonsense. I thought that “the government” was nice, and “businesses” were mean. Basically, I never took the time to learn about either, yet claimed expert status because I had the tiniest bit of “proof” from my school books!

So, what made me “wake up”? Well, first, I fell into home schooling my kids. There was no good school system nearby (we live in the boonies, no joke), and my dad is all for home schooling though I had always said, “Gee, I could never do that!” like I hear so many say. Maybe they are right…but like true heroes, they are not born, they are made. I was made into a home schooling mom, and I did what I had to do. Turns out, I LOVE it. Go figure, huh?

Another thing was that I heard of a book called The 5,000 Year Leap. I thought I’d give it a whirl, expecting to not learn a thing (I was smart, remember?). Well, that book rocked my world! When I went to try to disprove what was in it, I failed…bigtime.

It was at that time that I decided that I had better 1. know what I believe, 2. know WHY I believed it, 3. had reality behind what I believed, 4. have the courage to throw out any idea that was false, and (the hardest) 5. adhere to the truth, even if I hated it. It was the birth of critical thinking in my life. I was 33.

This was, 5 years ago, when I began devouring information on the past (I’d say history, but that can be revised…I try to study what actually happened), economics, and the actual results of policies.

It was when I woke up, so to speak, and my journey led me to write a book. (You can buy it by clicking on the picture to the right of this post). So many in this country, even those who call themselves conservatives, don’t even know what liberty means, what America means, and what has happened to get us to where we are today.

Your job? Challenge your core beliefs, test yourself, ask the hard questions (especially, “What if I’m wrong?), read my book and The 5,000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen. Then, wake up your neighbors. We have a country to save from our own stupidity!

I Was Raised By Wolves!

Well, okay, that’s maybe a bit of hyperbole…or, if you want to get technical, not true at all.


What IS true is that I was raised by conservative hippy parents. My father grew corn and soybeans, ran a dairy farm,  flew helicopters  and T-38 jets for the Air Force (truth be known it was several types of airframes), and has a law degree thrown in for good measure. My mother has done everything from running daycare centers to being travel agent to selling real estate to bartering with old Frenchmen to acquire antique pieces for her shop.


My folks met in Texas after my father had returned from flying O-2’s as a forward air controller in Vietnam.¬† My grandpa got sick and they took over the dairy farm in Wisconsin where my father had grown up. After 5 years (and one tragic barn fire), they up and moved to Texas where my father got a law degree while my mom sold real estate. They still operated the farm as a cash grain entity from afar. Then, they decided to rejoin the AF. (Trust me, there are quite a few stories about all this that I’ll dole out, in time).


Yep, after all that hard work, countless hours of study, my father passing the Texas and American bar exams and being all set to be able to work as a lawyer, they went, “Hey, let’s travel! How about we get back into the Air Force?” (Side note: maybe we are part gypsy, too??)


While in the AF, my family lived all over the US, including Hawaii, and in Germany. My father was also stationed in England, the Philippines (well, until the volcano – Pinatubo – blew and melted all his stuff), and Japan, but that happened on tours where he could not take the family, or when my sister and I were in college.

It’s no wonder that when my husband and I were first married, in 1999, that we thought to ourselves, “You know what’s a good idea? We are young, stupid, and childless…and we CAN…so, let’s move to Hawaii!” So, we did.


It’s no wonder I have found myself in some interesting situations. Just to get a taste, I’ve wandered around Paris with my mother and sister looking for our hole-in-the-wall hotel room, armed only with my mom’s good sense of direction and my (then) sophomore level French-speaking skills; driven (well, I rode at this point) around Europe in a ’78 Volkswagen camper bus we named Sweet Pea; and used my last $14 to visit Carlsbad Caverns while driving home from an impromptu trip from New Mexico to Texas (don’t worry, we had a full tank of gas to get home) and the truck made it in one piece!

I was going to write my own blog post about Benghazi, but thanks to a friend of mine, I can refer you to this one, which seems to be the definitive one to read about this travesty. Please take the time to read this.




There are also several posts before this one that are informative and crucial to understanding this avoidable situation of horror and betrayal. Be informed and please pray for the families of these people who were set up to die in traitorous actions by our government at the highest levels.

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