Wow!! The unemployment rate went down to 7.7%! Isn’t that great?!?!


In a word: no. And, here’s why – they count like they have been drinking for 7 days straight.


You would think that the unemployment rate would count all those who are unemployed, right? Well, you’d be wrong. The rate everyone (including the mainstream media – in an effort to get some crumbs thrown to them by their master) quotes counts…get ready…ONLY THOSE WHO ARE CURRENTLY DRAWING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS.


Ask me if they count those who have been unemployed so long they are ineligible for more benefits, or the people who have taken jobs flipping burgers part-time when they have bachelor’s degrees. Go ahead. Ask me. The answer is NO!!


As my friend Kathryn Tyler (who posted the articles used in this post) puts it, “DECEPTION: FEWER people have jobs, but the Obama Administration reports an improved unemployment rate.” It is deception.


Now you know how they make the rate go down!! They just stop counting those who have just dropped out of the work force because they can’t get unemployment anymore, and they also can’t find a job. Technically, they are unemployed, but you can’t seriously think the MEDIA would be bothered with details, now, can you? Of course not, they have a president to protect.


After saying in the first paragraph that this report was good news, CNBC reports further down in the article, “The labor force participation rate, already around 30-YEAR LOWS, fell further in the month to 63.6%. That represented 350,000 FEWER workers…” and “The government managed to get the unemployment rate down by shrinking the labor force.”


Oh, is that all? They just quit counting people who don’t have jobs?? That IS good news, CNBC! No wonder your readership is growing mightily!! Oh, it’s not? Huh.


Anyway, here is a graph showing how many people are in the work force.

Labor Force Participation Rate Chart from

Labor Force Participation Rate Chart from


Gosh. That doesn’t look like a recovery at all, does it? Well, now you know. You can either keep on believing the MSM and those in government who spew this nonsense and shut your eyes to the truth, in which case, you are as useful an idiot as they wish you to be, or you can face the truth and WAKE UP! Then, wake up your neighbor. We have a country to save.