One of the best economists is the world is Thomas Sowell. He is a stalwart for liberty and truth. Well, now he is. He started out as a Marxist. Not the kind that covers it up and says they are just for “social justice” or whatever, but a full-on, “Yep, Marx was right!” kind of Marxist. He even studied under Milton Friedman for a year and still thought his views were right. It takes a special kind of stubborn to do that.

Then, he got a job with the Department of Labor. He was specifically involved in the area of minimum wage enforcement. He soon found that the department never, not once, checked to see that the laws they were enforcing were helping the people they were supposed to help. In fact, they avoided it. They were only interested in one thing: making sure they kept getting more and more funds so the department could grow. That’s IT.

He then took it upon himself to see if the increases in minimum wage helped the target demographic they were supposed to help. Turns out, what it did was cause vastly more unemployment for that group. Did the department heads care? Nope.

That’s when he woke up and realized that he was ever-so-wrong.

So, when you support minimum wage increases, what you are saying, in essence is: I SUPPORT POLICIES THAT CAUSE POOR PEOPLE TO BE AND STAY UNEMPLOYED.

It’s the results that matter, and minimum wage laws dramatically hurt those they are intended to help. They even keep low skilled workers from ever being able to get a foot in the door, to then gain experience, to then get promoted and get raises. If they can never get the job in the first place, because their work is not worth the cost of the amount they are required to be paid, how can they ever have a chance to pull themselves out of poverty? They can’t. Then, the government steps in and gives them “welfare,” which is anything but good for the soul.

So, the laws first destroy the chances of being self-supporting, then, the “fix” laws cause their souls to be crushed. How would you feel if the laws first blocked any chance of success, and then offered to be your very low paying sugar daddy? It would suck the very essence of self-respect out of you, that’s what it would do. And, yet, that’s what we have and the same people who will be unemployed very quickly if they get their way are picketing for $15/hour. It’s economic suicide.

You may think that you don’t support hurting poor people, or want that, because you have the best of intentions. But, there is a very, very old saying that applies here. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.