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The other day, my beloved husband and I were looking for a florist to purchase some flowers to put on a grave in the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery.

Finding a lack of actual florists nearby, my husband astutely pulled into the parking lot of an HEB grocery store he spotted. This was great as it was right on the way to our destination, and we knew that every HEB has at least a minimal amount of floral items from which to choose.

Well, this HEB was near the national cemetery. They chose to stock a vast assortment of silk and real flower arrangements, designed specifically for people to put on or near gravestones of their lost loved ones that were buried a scant distance from that store.

Once we had purchased our assortment, placed it at the grave site, taken pictures, and were driving away, I remarked, “That was so cool that that HEB carried those flowers. It made this so much easier for us.”

Some, usually statists or liberals, would think, “Oh, that evil HEB! They are just playing on the emotions of people who lost loved ones! They just want to make a buck!”

First, tell me anyone who is in business, has a job, or is a human being, who doesn’t need to make a living to feed themselves and/or their family. Second, why is it a bad thing that HEB would make that money by providing a product that I desperately wanted that day? My husband and I were delighted to part with a small amount of money to not have to drive to a florist that was at least 5 miles away, or do without.

Second, please tell me WHO should be paying for the flowers, if not me? If anyone else paid for them, and I received the benefit, or HEB did…that would be theft of that other person’s property (their money). Why, exactly, could this ever be looked at as a good thing?

There is a quote by Walter E. Williams from one of his articles that sums up the best way to look at this situation:

Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering and enslaving their fellow-man. With the rise of capitalism, it became possible to amass great wealth by serving and pleasing your fellow-man. Capitalists seek to discover what people want and produce and market it as efficiently as possible as a means to profit.

And, finally, if you wish to see more about how capitalism is awesome, read this.

In the end, I look at it from a reality perspective, with a firm grasp on the necessity of the law protecting private property ownership. HEB rocks for making a lovely and helpful choice in deciding what to stock.

Today, I went to HEB to pick up a few items. (For non-Texans, HEB is the name of the best grocery store in Texas. Okay, carry on…) As I went through the aisles, I noticed an enticing pecan pie from the bakery. Now, normally, I’d have baked my own, but I was hungry, it looked really good, and I remembered I had a $3.00 off coupon for any bakery pie or 12″ pie. Just my luck!

I took my items to the checkout and handed the coupon to the clerk. The coupon was one that I had procured at the checkout line of another HEB. When you check out, the printer that spits out the receipt will also give coupons. It’s pretty much a Craps shoot because sometimes they’re wonderful and plentiful, and other times you get one crappy little 30-cents-off jobbie for something you’d never buy anyway, like HEB brand haggis.

After the checker rang up the items, she realized the coupon hadn’t worked. She looked at the pie (which was obviously, to me, a 12″ pie), picked it up, and looked at the bottom. She called over a co-worker and asked him to posit an opinion as to why the coupon didn’t work. He had no idea and so-called over yet another co-worker. They all head-scratched for a moment, and then one decided that maybe the pie was too big.

In my ignorance, I believed that maybe they had 12.5″ pies or something, and I, like an idiot, had picked up one of those, not realizing it was 12.5″ instead of 12″. I was ready to take their assessment at face value. Then, one of them offered the knowledge that a 12″ pie was the size of those in the silver throw away tins with the plastic wrap around it and that THIS was a MUCH BIGGER pie than 12″.

You know those pies, right? In the tiny 8″ and 9″ pie pans? Yeah. That’s what they assured me were the 12″ pies the coupon was good for. As they all nodded and agreed that this was the issue, I realized that none of them even know how long a standard ruler is. None of them thought to try the coupon again. None thought about calling a manager to ask him or her to help the customer with the situation. They came to a consensus as to why the coupon didn’t work and went with it, nodding and smiling as my $3 savings I was so happy about was just flushed down the commode.

No wonder politicians get away with the crap they do. My word, we are in trouble.

This is why y’all need to buy my book. Just click on the picture of the book to the right. Get one for you and your kids, grandkids, your neighbors’ kids…everyone. Maybe, just maybe, if we can get people, kids especially, interested in liberty and learning, we might one day end up with a nation of people who – and I know this is reaching for the stars – know what a 12″ pie looks like.

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