Well, I’ve kind of found my niche in taking more complex or incredibly boring ideas and making them plain. I usually use a bit of humor to translate them, so to speak, so that they are more accessible to those who really do not care to become well versed in the language of the founders and those of different epochs, or who are just snoozing by the time they get three sentences into a monologue, however eloquent.


I have taken classes in the art of translating intralingually (within the same language), and I home school. Honestly, the home schooling, with children that ask a BILLION questions has prepared me greatly. We have our dinner (my folks come to eat with us several times a week), and we discuss the issues of the day. Afterward, I spend a lot of time explaining the topics covered, and giving definitions for words used at the table. Seriously, it got to where I challenged myself to define any word in less than 10 words. Try it sometime! 😉


Back to topics, I do tend to add some bizarre imagery and do some analogies that make things more fun for the reader, more relatable to life in modern form. It’s easier to remember things when they are made clear and are in your language, no? Just ask any foreign exchange student encountering American slang for the first time…


The reason I started this is because all of the political fights we are having right now have already been fought. All the “new” economic and political theory that is being touted as revolutionary is actually quite regressive. It’s all been said before, it’s all been USED before, but we just don’t read about it (thanks government schools!). I hope you caught the sarcasm on that last bit, there…I was laying it on pretty thick.


So, what I want to know is: what do you want to know? Do y’all have any topics, questions, concerns, etc. that you’d like for me to cover? Because, let me tell you…I’ll keep coming up with stuff on my own. Be forewarned, I like economics, as well as government and politics.


Leave a comment and we’ll get your questions answered! For those who are new, please feel free to see the series that I’ve written on the electoral college and a bill being passed.


But, I’m up for anything. If I don’t know (and more importantly, cannot, in a reasonable amount of time, find out, I’ll let you know), but feel free to ask about whatever. I’ve had a weird life, and experienced many things. So, come on! Give it a try…you know you wanna! 🙂