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Most of you that are reading this know that the legislative branch of the federal government is the law making body. Congress, made of the House and Senate, write laws. That’s one of their few jobs. They overstep their bounds all the time, but that’s a different post.

They are supposed to be in charge of all things law related. When they write a law, they are supposed to include what the law is, how it’s going to be implemented along with how much money it will take to be implemented, and from what portion of the Constitution they have the authority to enact such a law. They used to do this. What they started doing, instead, was create agencies like the Department of Education, the FDA, the EPA, DOE, etc. These agencies are tasked with writing all the parts of the law that have to do with how the law will be executed.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Self, that sounds absurd. There are supposed to be law makers, and law executers. How did these agencies get into the business of writing laws??”

Well, Self, you’d be onto something. Let’s discuss a scenario and you tell me if the Congress members don’t think you’re got the IQ of a gnat for falling for this nonsense.

Imagine a farmer who is being pushed on hard by the EPA. They are fixing to go out of business because the EPA has made yet another regulation that will cost lots of money to implement, yet makes no actual difference to the environment. Just a couple of examples are the regulation of dust (yes, dust) and making the handling of manure so complex as to require 15 hours of paperwork every week by the farmer.

Well, the law that the EPA is using to put the pressure on this farm doesn’t say they can’t stir up dust. It just states that they can’t pollute the air. Well, okay, but how did the EPA come up with that? They wrote a REGULATION. “Well,” you say, “that should be part of the law, so we can hold the people who wrote it accountable at the voting booths! Why are they just adding to laws?” EXACTLY. Because the congress has tasked the alphabet agency to write the rest of the law, and they can play like they have no culpability.

Now, back to our farmer. They petition their congressman to ask for help. The congressman “pulls a few strings” and has the EPA back off or give him a waiver. Well, the farmer is grateful and will vote for our congressman again!

Do you see how the congressman has shunned his responsibility in writing the law that caused the problem in the first place? He acts like he can’t do anything about the excessive and costly regulation (which costs billions – that’s NINE zeros – of dollars out of the economy each year and keep people from basing businesses in the US because of them). Don’t be thinking I’m talking about sane regulations. I’m talking about things like forcing businesses to post calorie counts. Really? If customers want to know, they already have to provide the info. But, we’re going to make them spend money of posting them, regardless if anyone cares? It’s things like that, and millions more regulations piled on idiotic things like that which force businesses to close.

You might be thinking…it’s just ONE regulation. How can it be that bad? Well, you know how they used to press people to death? They’d pile on one stone at a time. Each didn’t weigh much, but the combined weight, in the end, killed the person. Same thing. Each regulation may not be a humdinger (though, some are), but the death of the business is the same, in the end. They die under millions of regulations that your congresswoman claims to have no part of.

Here’s the worst part: there is NO place in the US Constitution where it could even be construed as to mean that these agencies are constitutional. So, let’s sum up:

The congressmen/women shirk their responsibility, play like they can’t do anything about it, and then, when they give you crutches (after breaking your legs), want you to be thankful. Yep. They’re pretty sure you’re brain power is comparable to that of a coconut.

This is why it’s important to understand natural rights. Get my book about The Declaration of Independence by clicking HERE, or on the picture at the right. You can’t understand the Constitution without understanding The Declaration. Get informed, and then know where you stand.

And, quit voting in congresspeople who think you are as smart as a pencil eraser!



Imagine a world where there is no law, no government. If you want to keep something, you have to stay with it to defend it from roving mobs/gangs that will kill you to steal your stuff. There are others out there that, like you, just want to be left alone to live in peace.

Wouldn’t you seek out these same people? Sure you would. You’d want to collaborate with them so that someone can go out and gather food or supplies, while another watches over the stuff you already have.

Maybe, just maybe, you find more than one other group like that. But, you have to make sure that everyone is on the same page, right? There have to be ground rules. Of course there have to be rules. Imagine playing baseball without any rules. That game is over and people are fighting within 2 minutes, right? No good.

So, you make some basic rules that everyone has to abide by. For instance, no stealing the stuff of some other person or group while you are guarding it while they are away, and vice versa. Then, there have to be consequences for people who break the rules.

You know what just happened there? You created a government. Laws and government is what humans create so that their stuff can be safe while they are away from their stuff. I know you know that’s insanely simplified, and while not totally inclusive, it’s premise is true.

Not all governments are equal, but that’s another post.

If you want to know on what values and principles the American government is based on, buy my book. It’s awesome. Click HERE, or on the link at the right.

Understand your government, and know where you stand.

One of the best economists is the world is Thomas Sowell. He is a stalwart for liberty and truth. Well, now he is. He started out as a Marxist. Not the kind that covers it up and says they are just for “social justice” or whatever, but a full-on, “Yep, Marx was right!” kind of Marxist. He even studied under Milton Friedman for a year and still thought his views were right. It takes a special kind of stubborn to do that.

Then, he got a job with the Department of Labor. He was specifically involved in the area of minimum wage enforcement. He soon found that the department never, not once, checked to see that the laws they were enforcing were helping the people they were supposed to help. In fact, they avoided it. They were only interested in one thing: making sure they kept getting more and more funds so the department could grow. That’s IT.

He then took it upon himself to see if the increases in minimum wage helped the target demographic they were supposed to help. Turns out, what it did was cause vastly more unemployment for that group. Did the department heads care? Nope.

That’s when he woke up and realized that he was ever-so-wrong.

So, when you support minimum wage increases, what you are saying, in essence is: I SUPPORT POLICIES THAT CAUSE POOR PEOPLE TO BE AND STAY UNEMPLOYED.

It’s the results that matter, and minimum wage laws dramatically hurt those they are intended to help. They even keep low skilled workers from ever being able to get a foot in the door, to then gain experience, to then get promoted and get raises. If they can never get the job in the first place, because their work is not worth the cost of the amount they are required to be paid, how can they ever have a chance to pull themselves out of poverty? They can’t. Then, the government steps in and gives them “welfare,” which is anything but good for the soul.

So, the laws first destroy the chances of being self-supporting, then, the “fix” laws cause their souls to be crushed. How would you feel if the laws first blocked any chance of success, and then offered to be your very low paying sugar daddy? It would suck the very essence of self-respect out of you, that’s what it would do. And, yet, that’s what we have and the same people who will be unemployed very quickly if they get their way are picketing for $15/hour. It’s economic suicide.

You may think that you don’t support hurting poor people, or want that, because you have the best of intentions. But, there is a very, very old saying that applies here. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Gun Control?

I hear lots of people saying we need to have “common sense” laws to keep the bad guys from getting guns. But, the laws they call for only control law-abiding citizens.

Will criminals go for background checks? No, because they wouldn’t pass them.

Would a criminal take the time to wait for a “waiting period”? Nope. Illegal weapons are much faster.

How about just limiting the types of scary looking guns that people can buy? People have used all manner of weapons to hurt others, so this makes no difference.

So, if gun control laws will make it to where the bad guys can’t get guns, we should be able to look at other laws that accomplish the same things. I should be ashamed, here, because, obviously, outlawing murder has made it to where zero murders occur…wait, what? There are STILL murders? Oh. Okay, how about making stealing things illegal. Now, THAT has worked like a charm, right? No? Hmmm…

It seems as if all these other laws punish the bad guys once they’ve done wrong, while not keeping innocent citizens from going about their lives. On the other hand, gun control laws just punish everyone BEFORE they commit crimes. Huh. Weird.

Well, if anyone can tell me a law that works like the rest of them – namely, punishing the guilty once they’ve done bad things – and does not limit the actions of innocent people, I’m all ears.

If I, not being of Chinese ancestry, decided that I wanted to be Chinese, would I be able to arrive in their country, learn their ways, their language, their culture…and BE Chinese?

If I, not being French by blood, emigrated to France, learned French, learned French ways and culture…would I BE French?

If I moved to Egypt, adopted their major religion, learned their language, and lived there for 30 years…would I BE Egyptian?


But, if I moved to America, learned English, followed the naturalization laws, and did American things like celebrate Independence Day…would I BE American?



This is because, unlike most other countries, we are a country of ideas and principles. It’s about following the rule of law, equality for each individual, and inalienable rights (at least it used to be…but you get the idea).

It’s not how we look, what accent we have, or even if we were born here. Anyone who becomes an American IS an American through and through. It’s like in Texas where people say, “I’m a Texan. I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could!” and they are, indeed, Texans, when they exhibit the ideals of Texans.

If that’s not the greatest thing ever to be encountered on this earth, I don’t know what is.

Well, I’ve kind of found my niche in taking more complex or incredibly boring ideas and making them plain. I usually use a bit of humor to translate them, so to speak, so that they are more accessible to those who really do not care to become well versed in the language of the founders and those of different epochs, or who are just snoozing by the time they get three sentences into a monologue, however eloquent.


I have taken classes in the art of translating intralingually (within the same language), and I home school. Honestly, the home schooling, with children that ask a BILLION questions has prepared me greatly. We have our dinner (my folks come to eat with us several times a week), and we discuss the issues of the day. Afterward, I spend a lot of time explaining the topics covered, and giving definitions for words used at the table. Seriously, it got to where I challenged myself to define any word in less than 10 words. Try it sometime! 😉


Back to topics, I do tend to add some bizarre imagery and do some analogies that make things more fun for the reader, more relatable to life in modern form. It’s easier to remember things when they are made clear and are in your language, no? Just ask any foreign exchange student encountering American slang for the first time…


The reason I started this is because all of the political fights we are having right now have already been fought. All the “new” economic and political theory that is being touted as revolutionary is actually quite regressive. It’s all been said before, it’s all been USED before, but we just don’t read about it (thanks government schools!). I hope you caught the sarcasm on that last bit, there…I was laying it on pretty thick.


So, what I want to know is: what do you want to know? Do y’all have any topics, questions, concerns, etc. that you’d like for me to cover? Because, let me tell you…I’ll keep coming up with stuff on my own. Be forewarned, I like economics, as well as government and politics.


Leave a comment and we’ll get your questions answered! For those who are new, please feel free to see the series that I’ve written on the electoral college and a bill being passed.


But, I’m up for anything. If I don’t know (and more importantly, cannot, in a reasonable amount of time, find out, I’ll let you know), but feel free to ask about whatever. I’ve had a weird life, and experienced many things. So, come on! Give it a try…you know you wanna! 🙂

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