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Noah Webster Quote

From our friends at The Federalist Papers (whether you read their blog or like them on Facebook, they are awesome!)

Let me get this straight:

The President has refused to carry out Obamacare as it’s written, delayed portions and totally canceled others. He has given exemptions to all manner of big corporation. All of these things are altering a duly passed law by Congress. He is NOT a legislator. His actions are illegal.

Further, he has refused to even discuss the matter with lawmakers, yet will negotiate with the terrorist funding head of state of Iran and has armed our enemies in Syria (side note: this is also illegal…as in treason).

He has rejected requests for WWII veterans to see their memorial (and used money to pay more guards than Clinton allowed in Benghazi). Keep in mind this, and many other memorials he blocked off are PRIVATELY FUNDED, and have never been affected in any of the other 17 government shutdowns. To boot, he has stationed these guards (who are getting paid) to block off the memorial that is supposedly closed because of a lack of funding.

He has refused to sign any bill that changes Obamacare in any way (like the medical device tax that even Democrats want to repeal),or any continuing resolution that does not fully fund Obamacare (you know, the one HE hasn’t even executed fully…which, again, is illegal activity).

He supposedly taught the US Constitution but seems to have forgotten that whatever functions of the government get funded is decided entirely by the House. That is THEIR prerogative. It’s called “separation of powers.” It’s ALL up to the House as to what to fund and what to not fund*. Now, the Senate can keep from passing a bill by voting it down. But, it’s the Senate’s fault, not the House’s, for the shutdown.

After all this, he and the Democrat leadership call Republicans names and blame them for the shutdown.

What am I missing??? Does ANYONE really buy this nonsense?


*As a side note, many of the problems we are facing with government funding stem from the fact that most of the laws these people are trying to enact are unconstitutional. If you wish to know if any law is legal, but you don’t know if it is, please put it in the comments and we can discuss it either here or in another post. 🙂

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News is now coming out about how high levels of the IRS knew about the targeting of groups that educated on the Constitution, had “patriot” or “tea party” in the name, etc. The IRS was used as a weapon against those who differed politically from the administration.

If that weren’t enough, they also targeted Jewish groups. They were asked, by the IRS, regarding their tax-exempt status, whether or not the group supported the existence of the land of Israel. They also were told to describe their belief system toward the land of Israel. Not sure how this could have ANYTHING to do with a tax-exempt status. Seems eerily familiar to other times Jewish groups have been targeted.

Tyranny is oppressive power that is exerted over someone or some group. Typically, we discuss the tyranny of governments. Well, when they admit to using the force of government to target and intimidate certain groups, I’d say that qualifies. But, don’t let this distract us from Benghazi. Following is a detailed time-line of events on the night of the attacks in Benghazi by whistle-blower HIcks: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/05/08/started-as-a-routine-day-benghazi-whistleblower-recounts-deadly-chain-of-events/.

The fact that there was an attack is not the issue. That happens, as sad as that reality is. The issues are:

1. There was warning of an attack, which was ignored.

2. Security was drawn down below even standard minimum amounts, despite the threat of attack.

3. Also, despite the threat of attack, the Ambassador was sent to Benghazi, instead of staying in Tripoli, on 9/11, an annual high threat day.

4. The Ambassador was denied extra security, though he asked 13 times, AND wrote for help through official lines.

5. During the attack, help from Aviano was told to stand down TWICE.

6. We are told help could not have gotten there in time, but how do they know how long the attack was to last?

7. The day after the attack, Obama went on a fund-raiser. We don’t know if he watched the men die as they fought for their lives in vain (there was an unarmed drone sending video in real time, plus phone calls and emails calling for help), or if he just went to bed to slumber the night away. We don’t know because, unlike during Tropical Storm Sandy, we don’t have pictures of him in the Situation Room.

8. Hillary claimed not to know about anything. She’s either lying or needs to be fired for incompetence.

9. They blamed a video for the protests, even though that was an out-and-out lie.

10. This lie sent the FBI on a wild goose chase and they delayed getting to Benghazi for their investigation for weeks. Delay NEVER improves a crime scene.

11. No one but the film maker has been arrested.

12. The whistle-blowers have been harassed and intimidated by the administration for testifying, even being yelled at and demoted. This isn’t the first time the admin has gone after whistle-blowers, either. See the link about gun running below.

13. The government has been recording ALL phone calls, emails, texts, correspondence of ANY kind for a few years now. If Congress really wanted to get to the bottom of who knew what and when, they’d just get those records. Why can’t/won’t they do that?

Now, Geraldo is claiming to have sources that will testify to the administration running guns to Syria, in violation of a specific treaty. It’s bad enough Clinton knowingly put her folks in danger to make a political point (“See? We’re all FRIENDS!”), but if the cover-up was to keep people from finding out they were running guns (again), in direct violation of the treaty, it’s just that much worse.

Don’t let the IRS thing go, but don’t forget Benghazi, either.

Benghazi pic

Bush-Obama Spending Spike

Can anyone look at this and not see how insane the spending is? And, the insanity gets worse when you see just how stupid those in government think you are. Read on.


Imagine you are doing your budget for next year. You want to know what your expenditures are going to be, roughly, and you use last year’s budget for a reference.



Each year you have added 5% increased spending, as a matter of course, no matter what inflation is, or any other considerations.  You just add that spending in there, yep, regardless of your income.


Well, your revenues (income) have increased each year some, but your spending has blown that out of the water. Now, it’s time to look at what needs to be done.


You already work full-time, and have a part-time job. Your wife works, and you’ve taken all the money you can from your teenagers who work, but you still are short. You figure you don’t need sleep! Your job performance won’t be affected at all, right??


Let’s presume your wife talks you down and you realize that your spending is what is out of control. (This will likely never happen in politician land, but just work with me). So, you decide to see about not spending so much, since you make $100,000 a year, but spend $146,000 each year.


Now, you come up with this amazing plan. Instead of increasing the budget another 5% next year, you decide to increase it only 2.5%.


Your kids go nuts!! What are you, crazy?? You’re cutting spending by HALF!!! How will we live?! What are you? Some kind of horrible guy that wants us to live in squalor and die on the floor?!


You see how your spending is NOT, in fact, being cut? You see how your spending is STILL INCREASING and that you will have to borrow even more money just to keep up with current levels of spending, let alone what you’ll add?


Yeah, that’s how our government does budget math, in part. The discussions of “draconian cuts”? Yeah, that’s percentages of cuts on the assumed increase.


Oh, and, there’s more to come, in future posts, about budgeting government style. Are you still going to buy into their lies?


You can either keep on believing the MSM and those in government who spew this nonsense and shut your eyes to the truth, in which case, you are as useful an idiot as they wish you to be, or you can face the truth and WAKE UP! Then, wake up your neighbor. We have a country to save.

Is “The Fiscal Cliff!!!” really about the tax rates for the top “RICH”? In a word, no.


The amount of money that would be collected from the people the Democrats call to have taxed (while the rest stay at their current tax rates) would be negligible, IF all the expected revenue were brought in as planned.


Watch this from my senator as to just how little this tax revenue this would bring in:

Now, the Mainstream Media would have us believe that all would be well if we adopted the Democrats’ tax hikes, and it’s the EVIL Republicans (who just won’t break their pledge to not vote for tax increases, those fiends!) that are holding the well-being of America hostage. OH, THE HORROR!!!


What they are missing is that  1. Obama just said there would be no deal unless tax increases were included (don’t hold your breath waiting for the MSM to berate him on this); 2.Tax increases tend to mean lowered revenue (e.g. income to the government from taxes). This is because the wealth goes into hiding (tax shelters, non-taxable bonds, overseas, etc.); and 3. that means less investment and fewer jobs.


So, the “middle class” might keep their current tax rates, but they’d have to have a job to enjoy them.


There is a Fiscal Cliff, but the government could confiscate ALL income over $200,000 and still only run the government for a month or so.  It’s the spending that will take us over the cliff…but that’s an unpopular fact, so it doesn’t get reported. Don’t be a pawn in the game. Know your facts and stick with them.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams, ‘Argument in Defense of the Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trials,’ December 1770
US diplomat & politician (1735 – 1826)

There are all manner of stories about states seceding from the union, or at least wanting to do so. Texas is one of them, and the list of names on the Texan petition has exceeded 80,000 in number. That’s A LOT of upset people.


There aren’t any provisions in the Constitution to allow for secession, but there are not provisions for many of the rights that the people and states count as their own, that are not detailed in the Constitution. The link is to the 9th Amendment.


Some would say the Civil War decided this [I used to be one], but, in reality, it decided that states cannot be allowed to rebel because the federal government is protecting the life and liberty of its citizens from the state.  If you want specifics on what was decided by this war from a brilliant mind, learn at the knee of Mises. I also just read that Justice Scalia said, “No way!,” but he also said the right to bear arms can be limited, so do with that info what you will.


Also, Texas is a bit different because we were a republic, a separate country, when we joined the union. Some dispute that we joined voluntarily, but I’ll leave that for another post.


For now, let’s take this looking at this as if each state COULD declare that they wished to secede and then do so.  The real question then is: WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT?


As I saw it, several things could happen, and my original view was that nothing good would follow, simply by looking at military logistics.

IF the secession were successful, we would either 1. Be left to the Mexican warlords in full force, or, option 2, we would get retaken by the US govt and made into federal land and stripped of our Texas rights. For option 1, we would stand a chance, especially if all military members were called back to the country (again) of Texas. LOTS of military are from Texas and would have to be released from the US Military.

While pondering this, my brother, Mike Hernandez, who suggested this topic as a post, and I had a chat about it. Here are some of his points in response to my worries.

“I think we would be just fine. We have the ports, industry, oil, natural gas, transportation,uranium, tourists, computer industry, etc. The cartels I wouldn’t worry about them too much. I also think Texas would open the door for other states to follow our lead. I have heard noise about other states also wanting to secede. [Well, we have 27 working on it, so he’s right on this so far!] Do you really think Obama would want the world media to show Americans shooting Americans in open warfare? The U.S. has supported lots of other republics in seceding worldwide ( Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, the Russia republics come to mind). How could they deny Texas? It also kinda scares me. Kinda like suddenly becoming an orphan. Lol.”

About the media, I replied, “Our media would not report a thing. Just like now when everything is “just fine” along the border.” And, I stand by that statement.


I also would not put it past the US to reclaim us with force, nor the military members (enough of them) who don’t understand they don’t have to follow unlawful orders to just do whatever they are told to do, believing it absolves them of guilt. This is human nature.


Also, remember that just about every “democracy” we have helped to establish we have left to be taken over by tyrants in short order. And it’s different to egg on another country to rebel. At home? Different feelings.


To my ramblings, Mike thoughtfully responded.

Good points, I still think we would be okay as long as it was done slowly and with care so as not to come across as “rebels” going up against the U.S. O[bama] and most of the US don’t like Texas anyway. Hell they might help us pack.

While I believe that many in this beloved country of mine would love to help us pack up and ship out, so to speak, I believe that Obama (shoot, almost all politicians) would not let our resources go away that easily. We pay taxes like mad because so many people are flooding here year after year. And, taxes? Now, taxes from Texas ALL politicians like.


As to the question of whether or not we SHOULD secede…I’m not as inclined to brush off the idea so quickly anymore, but I’m also not ready to take up arms. I guess I find it interesting that so many are testing the waters with petitions and paperwork. Getting a feel for how it would go. I’ll not dismiss the idea outright, but I’d rather not have to think about it seriously. [Side note: I am not in the mood for a visit from the IRS right now, so putting my name on a public petition would not be on my “to do” list, at this point.]


Maybe if everyone gets more people to read my blog, and buy my book, people will understand the true nature of liberty – from a book with adorable illustration and straightforward explanations of history, and a blog with simple truths that seem to have been lost. If there were liberty, the union would be just a lovely place to live.

I read a few articles discussing how many people voted about the economy…it’s still the number one issue. Then, I was puzzled to read that it was being blamed on BUSH. I mean, do people even realize it was Romney that Obama was running against? Not Bush? He wasn’t at any rallies that I missed was he? Weird.


Now, I am not going to go into the specifics of why the economy is not ALL Bush’s fault because of the change over in Congress, the creation of toxic assets that were never created before (and most people don’t even understand) and were a reaction to Clinton’s tripling down on the Community Reinvestment Act, the speeches that McCain and others gave on the senate floor warning of the collapse since 2005, etc. You’re welcome.


But, let’s discuss the reaction TO the financial collapse. Obama has not put ONE person in jail for the mess in the financial markets. He postured a lot, sure. He made some great speeches, but he never called for the House to bring up any charges or the Senate to have a hearing. Instead he gave lots and lots of money to the very people who helped create the mess in the first place.


Let’s time tunnel back to the Savings and Loan scandal. BIG problems, corruption, you name it. And people went to jail. For this disaster, Obama comes in, deftly assesses the situation and…throws more money at the people who created the mess and signs the new banking bill that let’s the banks get off scot-free. Wait…


To boot, Obama and the Democrats had TWO YEARS where they could have passed ANY bill they wanted, regardless of the feelings or objections of “the party of NO.” Yet, instead of making sure the people at fault for the financial mess went to jail, they extended Bush’s tax “cuts” (don’t get me started on the tax code and the lies therein), deemed Obamacare to be passed, and urged the Federal Reserve to print more money and buy our own debt.


At this point, only the willfully ignorant or those in the cult of personality will agree that Bush has any fault for what Obama has just ‘inherited’ as of last night.

I was going to write my own blog post about Benghazi, but thanks to a friend of mine, I can refer you to this one, which seems to be the definitive one to read about this travesty. Please take the time to read this.




There are also several posts before this one that are informative and crucial to understanding this avoidable situation of horror and betrayal. Be informed and please pray for the families of these people who were set up to die in traitorous actions by our government at the highest levels.

If you ever get it into your head that there is no such thing as “liberal media bias,” ask yourself this one question:


“How would the MSM have covered it, had Bush (fill in the blank with something Obama is doing that people are upset about)…”


For example: “…gone to campaign, and then went on Letterman the day after finding out an ambassador’s body had been dragged down the street and three consulate workers were killed on American soil overseas?”


If you responded that they media would have excoriated it, go get a Hershey’s Kiss right now. You deserve it.  You’re right!


Now, what is the media saying about Obama’s character when he is, in fact, doing this?


Exactly. Nada.

As Bonhoeffer said, “To not act is to act.”

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