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Do you realize that, because of property taxes, you can NEVER own your property?
If you think you can, try not paying those taxes when you’ve finished paying off your house.

Think of it this way: you own your television, right? Would you accept paying taxes on it, that must be paid FOREVER, such that, if you didn’t, the government would come to your house and confiscate it? Would you, in this case, agree that you don’t really own your television, but are allowed to keep it by the government? What if we added all your possessions? Clothes taxes, jewelry taxes, furniture taxes, and dish taxes? Would you be able to OWN any of those things if, for any reason, you fail to pay the taxes that will never end the government comes to collect them?

Property taxes as a form of tax revenue is evil. It defies the very concept of the natural right to OWN property.

Sales taxes can be used for the same purposes. It’s a one time thing, it’s CLEAR who pays what (it’s listed right on the receipt!), it’s perfect because those who spend more will automatically pay more…but at the same RATE.

One thing that is so sick about property taxes is that not everyone sees them. It’s like they’re hidden away, and not everyone is shown the evil. So, we all go along, thinking everything is fine, when people’s homes are being held hostage by the government, if we don’t pay them the ransom amount every year, which they can raise at whim.

To put this another way: when Jefferson was president of the U.S., the Barbary Pirates exacted tribute from America to keep from attacking shipping vessels. We went to WAR over this…and now, we just sit here, paying tribute to the government.

I just made this comment on a Facebook thread, but I’ll be darned if it’s not a good post, so I modified it a bit (maybe a lot to make it succinct) such that it worked as a blog, and voil√†! Enjoy.

My main beef with property taxes is that you never actually OWN the land. If you think having the title and no leans makes you the owner, try not paying taxes for a year. They will take “your” land. Imagine if they did that with ANY other property in your home.¬†

Imagine a TV tax that, if you didn’t pay, they’d come take your TV. Now imagine it for your other items like your iPhone…or stove…or furniture. You already bought it, it’s in your home, but you keep having to say taxes on it, FOREVER.

The only other time, of which I am aware, that your so-called property is taxed forever is in business. If you have inventory in your store, it gets taxed year after year…forever. It is NEVER yours. It’s a double whammy because, guess what? The land for businesses also get taxed forever. So, you never own your business or your inventory. Never. It doesn’t even end when you die. They just tax the next owner…forever and ever and ever.

With sales taxes, it’s over once you acquire the item. Done and done. It’s your private property and no government entity has sway over it.

With homes, what is supposed to be your place of solace, your palace, is under constant threat of being swiped out from under you.

I’m not saying sales tax is a magical and lovely thing. I’m just saying that, once you pay it, it’s over. It’s not something that your kids will have to pay, even after you die and leave your house to them. This is what people mean when they say that freedoms are eroding. I have a RIGHT to private property. Since when does that right end when I walk into my home? Oh, yeah, since the statists got elected into office by people wooed by their lofty rhetoric.

We need to quit doing that. Seriously. Stop it. Ignore the R and the D. Vet candidates based on how well they speak “freedom.” Know where you stand.




***This post has been updated to add the part about business taxes***

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